Our health care costs are constantly rising. This is mainly due to demographic developments, making appropriate and affordable health care increasingly difficult. We have to face this challenge to our health policies today, so that we can ensure good health care for tomorrow.

Europe – an opportunity.

Founded in 1979, kohlpharma is now one of the leading importers of pharmaceuticals in Europe. And we remain an owner-led, independent family company to this day.

Drugs are generally produced by multi-national pharmaceutical companies. These companies have varying pricing strategies within the EU, which leads to what can be significant differences in price. kohlpharma buys these original branded drugs from the multinational pharmaceutical companies at low prices in EU countries and then imports them to Germany. This allows us to price our imported drugs on average about 10% lower than the original German preparations. With many preparations, the savings are even greater.

2 options – 1 goal.

There are two types of imports, although there is no difference at all in the result: About 90% of our branded drugs are parallel imports. These are original drugs from international pharmaceutical companies that have been produced in European Union countries. Just as manufacturers import their drugs to Germany to sell them here, this is what kohlpharma does. About 10% are re-imports. These are drugs that have been manufactured in Germany and they are exported by the manufacturer to be sold in the EU. kohlpharma then returns these to Germany as re-imports.

Easing the burden on the health system.

In close cooperation with doctors and pharmacies, the prescription and dispensing of import-drugs means an annual saving in the region of 300 million Euros*. And this saving could easily be doubled. The presence of the imported drugs alone ensures that price increases in the pharmaceutical industry are kept in line. So we have an important role to play in ensuring cost-conscious drug supply.

*Source: VAD Verband der Arzneimittelimporteure Deutschlands e.V.: Statement as part of the public consultation on 19.5.2010 for drafting a law to revise health insurance-related issues and other requirements.