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Do you need a particular pharmaceutical product?

Maybe the drug you require is temporarily not available in your country?

Do you value quick delivery of important medical products to offset current shortages?

Thanks to our wholesale trade authorisation (GDP), we can supply the required pharmaceuticals to locations all over the world.
To do this, we work hand in hand with carefully selected German wholesalers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can procure German export pharmaceuticals and medical devices from kohlpharma – are there specific requirements?2019-12-16T09:31:03+01:00

In order to procure export pharmaceuticals and medical devices from kohlpharma, a valid national wholesale distribution authorisation (WDA) is required. For example, holders of a WDA could be pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacies, hospital pharmacies or medical device wholesalers.

Where does kohlpharma export German pharmaceuticals and medical devices to?2019-12-16T09:30:15+01:00

kohlpharma exports pharmaceuticals and medical devices to its partners not only within the EU but worldwide.

Where does kohlpharma source its export pharmaceuticals and medical devices?2019-12-16T09:29:36+01:00

kohlpharma sources its pharmaceuticals and medical devices for export exclusively from carefully selected German pharmaceutical wholesalers.

What kinds of pharmaceuticals and medical devices does kohlpharma export?2019-12-16T09:29:06+01:00

kohlpharma exports standard pharmaceuticals, chilled pharmaceuticals, cold chain pharmaceuticals, narcotics, blood products, cytostatic drugs, veterinary medicines and medical devices.

Where is kohlpharma located?2020-01-15T12:10:18+01:00

kohlpharma is based in the border triangle between France, Luxembourg and Germany in the city of Merzig in Saarland. This ideal location in the centre of Europe provides kohlpharma with perfect traffic connections. This site in the heart of Europe is where all our outsourcing services are performed: secondary packaging, repackaging and pharma logistics.

Based on which quality standards does kohlpharma operate as a contract manufacturer or as a exporter of pharmaceutical products and medical devices from Germany?2020-01-16T11:45:11+01:00

kohlpharma has been dealing with pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices since 1979. The secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices has always been part of its core business of importing from the EU.

Under German law, kohlpharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturer and has both a manufacturing licence as well as the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificates.

What services can kohlpharma provide for its business customers?2019-12-16T09:25:31+01:00

Based on its wholesale distribution authorisation, kohlpharma can offer the export of German original pharmaceuticals and medical devices. In addition, kohlpharma can provide outsourcing services in the form of contract manufacturing and repackaging in the areas of secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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