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This website contains links to other websites (“external links”).  The individual operators of these third-party websites shall be liable for their contents. The provider examined the alien contents of these external links for possible legal breaches before posting them on the website for the first time. No legal breaches were in evidence at this time. However, the provider has no influence over the current and future design and contents of these linked sites. The inclusion of external links does not mean that the provider shall adopt the linked or referenced contents as his own. It would be unreasonable to expect the provider to undertake continual scrutiny of the contents of these external links without concrete evidence of legal breaches. However, in the event that legal breaches do come to light, external links of this nature shall be deleted immediately.
Where our internet pages contain links to offers from other providers, we cannot guarantee or accept liability that these internet sites comply with the statutory requirements. Please read the data protection declaration on these websites for information on their data protection standards.

Personally identifiable information

Personally identifiable information is information that can be used to establish your identity. This includes your name and address, for instance, but not information that cannot be directly assigned to a specific individual. Our online pages can always be used without disclosing your identity. If you use our personalised services, you will be asked the information required to provide the service. You are free to decide if you would like to participate in these services and enter the requested data. Your information is then stored on a specially protected server located in Germany. Only the necessary number of specifically authorised individuals working on the data or the server in a technical, business or editorial capacity may access this information. Data for security purposes will be stored on our servers in association with your access. This data may possibly allow you to be identified (for example your IP address, date, time and visited sites). This information is not used in a personalised form. We statistically analyse access to our website to evaluate and continuously enhance the quality of our website. This also involves the use of figure graphs included on our website. The information obtained in this way is strictly anonymous and cannot be assigned to personally identifying information from the user. Your data will never be used to set up user profiles of any kind.

Disclosing personally identifiable information to third parties

We never disclose personally identifiable information to third parties, and we specifically never pass on data to third parties for advertising purposes. If you use the personalised services on our website, it may be necessary to collect and pass on your personalised data to third parties so that the service may be provided. This information will, however, only be stored or passed on to the extent required to complete the order. For this, you will be required to fill in a form granting your express permission. Third parties to whom your data is sent for the purposes of completing the order are also bound to the legislation concerning the use of personally identifying data. In cases where required by law, including by court order, we will turn over the data to the authorized party. 

Right to revoke

If you have provided your personal data, you are entitled for this data to be deleted at any time. Information required for invoicing or accounting purposes is not affected by a cancellation or deletion.

The use of cookies

This site uses "cookies” that are saved on your computer. “Cookies” are small text files, which are sent by a website and stored locally on your internet browser on the computer you are using.
Cookies have to be enabled in your browser in order for you to use the functions in the kohlpharma customer portal. You can delete the cookies used by kohlpharma from your harddrive at the end of your browser session (session cookies). For further details, please go to the help menu on your internet browser. kohlpharma will not compile, process or use any personally identifying information by means of cookies.